Don’t know #McDonnellAmendment or why it matters? Read and share this


The SKWAWKBOX has published previously on the important of getting good delegates to Labour’s Conference and the issue of right-wing attempts to scupper the planned ‘McDonnell Amendment’, which is absolutely vital to the future of the Labour Party as a genuine alternative instead of a Blairite, Tory-lite nightmare.

The problem is, the reason it’s so important wouldn’t be immediately obvious unless you keep very up to speed with Labour politics, rules and procedures. So hopefully this will help.

Imagine you want to buy a car, but you hate the colour… let’s say blue. You go to the showroom and find that all the cars are some shade of – you’ve guessed it – blue.

You speak to the salesperson and they tell you that you can have any shade of blue you want – but only blue. S/he tells you there was once a red car in their line…

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