Tories warned 4 yrs ago of systemic fire risk – plan to RELAX planning regs

sometimes you just want to shake some sense into them……


Lincolnshire councillor – both district and county – Charmaine Morgan sits on her council’s planning committee. In 2013, she wrote to the Tory then-Undersecretary of State for Planning, Nick Boles, to raise serious concerns about systemic problems with planning processes that were putting lives at risk.

At risk from fire.

Ms Morgan highlighted huge problems with the way that planning applications are assessed and approved:

  • that planning committees are not required by law to consult with fire brigade officers on the fire safety of buildings when considering applications
  • that this can result in inadequate water supply, lack of space for fire engines to access fire scenes and buildings too tall for firefighters to reach effectively – at least the last two of these were identified as deadly problems at Grenfell Tower
  • massive variations in the methodology and quality of planning application assessment between councils
  • that even where sprinklers are…

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Dangerous electrical faults were historically ignored at Glenfell Tower

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Image result for Pictures of Grenfell UKThe Grenfell Tower fire is thought to have been started by a fridge catchingfire. You may well wonder how on earth that could happen.

Fridges are notoriously extremely flammable and give off toxic fumes when they burn. Many house fires start with appliance faults, especially fridge freezers. It’s possible the fridge was faulty, of course.

London Fire Servicehave highlightedthe dangers of fridge freezers previously, and have called on manufacturers to make them safer. There is, on average, one fridge freezer fire a week in the capital and the service has been lobbying the industry to make their fridges and freezers more fire resistant for the some years.  

However, there is a record of longstanding electrical faults which had resulted in surges to electrical appliances and light fittings in the Kensington Tower block, creating a huge fire risk, which had been repeatedly reported and repeatedly ignored by…

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The Conservatives are forced to end austerity because they face a turning tide and electoral extinction

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5939d6ea1d00004600cc1f8fI think it’s safe to say that election opinion polls are no more useful than paying heed to Boris Johnson on a brandy binge, solemnly casting the runes and making wide ranging wishful but witless declarations. Theresa May made a decision to hold a snap election because Labour were polling badly, she saw an opportunity to increase the Conservative’s majority. She looks rather weak, wobbly and vapid now.

David Davies has loyally taken one on the chin, claiming it was his idea that May called the very ill-advised snap election. I didn’t know that Mr and Mrs May took him on walking holidays with them. That’s a bit weird and implies a kind of  kinkiness that doesn’t bear thinking about.

Two of May’s close senior advisors were pushed onto their swords, too, in a bid to divert the blame for such a dreadful election result for the Tories. I wasn’t…

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“I never met a man like this. Don’t lose him”. #JC4PM #GE17 #getoutandvote


A great video by Momentum interviews the owner of Jeremy Corbyn’s local café, who has for years seen Corbyn when there are no cameras around – and it’s striking that he’s the same in both settings.

His descriptions of the man and of the things he does for people are memorable. We can have this man as our Prime Minister tomorrow – or weak and wobbly May who, according to a reporter this morning, didn’t talk to a single voter throughout her campaign without it being pre-arranged.

There’s only one sane choice. Please share this. Spread the word. Get out and vote – and help get out the vote:

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers to be viable. If you found this information helpful and can afford to, please do click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation…

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We need to talk about Diane Abbott. Now. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)


This is not a recipe. I wrote this as a series of tweets today and readers asked for it as a blog post, so here it is. Our politics may differ, so feel free to skip straight back to the recipes if that’s what you’re here for.


Right one of us political writer people needs to do this and it looks like it’s me. Grab a seat. I wanna talk about Diane.
Diane was first elected as an MP in 1987, the year before I was born. She has been dedicated to serving the British public for longer than I have even been alive. Hold that thought. Understand it.
Diane was the first black woman to have a seat in the House of Commons. She MADE HISTORY. Her father was welder, her mother a nurse. How many working class kids do we have…

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Video: signs even their heartlands that the Tories will be sweating.. #GE17


The mainstream media are, of course, singing a predictable tune as we enter the last 24 hours of campaigning before polling stations open, with only the most grudging praise given to Jeremy Corbyn for his stellar campaign while most focus on Theresa May’s dire one, as if she’s collapsed all by herself and not because of the pressure she’s been put under by Labour’s strength, manifesto and surging polling.

Even those who acknowledge Corbyn’s and Labour’s surge are toeing the Establishment line – that it’s still only a matter of how big the Tories’ majority will be, not whether they’ll win.

But the SKWAWKBOX is hearing rumbles of a juggernaut approaching.

Readers reporting lifelong-Tory family members announcing they’re voting Labour

Reports of a Young Farmers (Farmers!!) Club in a Tory heartland debating and leaning to a Labour vote.

Reports of teachers, pensioners flocking to the Labour Party as they see…

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Corbyn to address SIX rallies at once – with stellar musical support #GE17



It’s widely acknowledged that Labour has ‘owned’ social media in this General Election campaign, with Buzzfeed even publishing an article about being unable to find any pro-Tory comments. But social media is not the only technological (or for that matter, any other) area in which Labour’s dynamism and innovation has eclipsed the Tories.

Today, Jeremy Corbyn will simultaneously address no fewer than six campaign rallies – with support from an array of musical and acting talent.

Corbyn will appear at five of them via satellite link – but he will appear in person at the sixth. Compared to the stage-managed,  invitation-only events of the Tory campaign, this innovative move shines an unflattering Theresa May’s staid approach – and on her lack of popular appeal.

jc rally liveThe Labour Party commented:

Jeremy Corbyn to address six simultaneous rallies across the UK to put forward Labour’s plan to transform Britain for the many, not the few


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