WASPI EXPLOSIVE: Cheated pensioner exposes 2004 leaflet CONFIRMING 2020 as year when female SPA to rise

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Footslogging through the data still has an important role to play in holding slippery public officials and hypocritical apologists to account. Yorkshire artist Aileen Barnard yesterday tweeted in relation to the page capture above. It is from 2004, and shows, in the Government’s Quick Guide to Pensions, the following firmly predictive pledge in plain English:


It is important to deconstruct this sentence in full, to ensure that no ‘spin’ is attempted in suggesting that the meaning of it is in some way open to more than one interpretation.

It is not. It does not say ‘By 2020  the SPA will have risen‘.  It says ‘In’. There’s no ‘if’, only a ‘when’. It says ‘In 2020 from 60 to 65′.

The ramifications of this are enormous:

  1. It shows that fully nine years after 1950s…

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They didn’t want us to Know! 50’s Women and their pensions…..

We Paid In You Pay Out

They didn’t want us to Know! 50’s Women and their pensions…..

We hear on a regular basis that it was up to us women to find out for ourselves if our pension age had changed, I can’t help but wonder why. I ask of them Why would any of us question a law that had been passed in 1948 that women retired at 60? We would have no reason to question it, except governments, both Labour and conservatives have kept very quiet about this change in the law, it was sneaky, is was misleading and in my view was hushed up.

So, we began our working lives paying into a system we trusted, now need to question that either, the National Insurance Scheme was there for all of us, young and old, we all paid into this insurance and some of us have needed to take some out when they…

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Vid: All the abuse, Corbyn kept cool. Tories scoff at vulnerable, this happens


Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX shared a video of Jeremy Corbyn’s angry reaction when Tories tried to disrupt his response to Hapless Hammond’s Budget. But Corbyn was not angry at being interrupted – he was livid at the Tories’ callous dismissiveness toward vulnerable people.

That video went viral, with an avalanche of comments from supporters welcoming Corbyn’s fire.

But Facebook user Lell Gee made a comment that shed a bright light on the significance of Corbyn’s reaction:

geeCorbyn faced lies, slurs, insults, mockery of his clothes and worse from the Tory benches. From right-wing Labour MPs not fit to represent their members, he faced lies, disloyalty, smears, briefing, undermining and an attempt to crush him.

And he didn’t lose his temper once – or even appear close.

But when Tories sneer and dismiss the vulnerable, the put-upon and those discarded by this consciously-cruel government? Then this ensues:

This is…

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Grandma’s heartrending letter on daughter’s ‘DWP’ death. Can you help?

Words fail me…


Elaine Morrall.pngRuncorn woman Linda Morrall has published a letter she has sent to councillors at her local Halton Council about her daughter, Elaine.

Elaine died late last week in desperately bleak circumstances inflicted by the callous DWP’s (Dept of Work and Pensions) ‘consciously cruel’ sanctions regime. Warning, it is heart-breaking reading:

morrallWhile most of Elaine’s circumstances were directly caused by government policies, Linda’s comments about ‘uncaring housing’ taking her to court also raise questions about council and/or social housing organisations policies and practices – and the letter certainly raises the issue of whether councils could do more to protect their residents from the effects of government policies, or if not, should be doing more to highlight those effects and their own helplessness to prevent them.

Ms Morrall is now believed to be faced with the responsibility of caring for Elaine’s children in such trying circumstances. A concerned local woman has set…

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Rail body admits #DOO safety concerns in deleted report


dlsn7zewsaayo0gAs many SKWAWKBOX readers will know, the rail union RMT is in dispute with train operators in various parts of the country over their plans to remove guards from their trains in favour of ‘DOO‘ (driver-only operation).

Employers and the Establishment media have painted rail workers – like the mistreated refuse workers in Birmingham – as selfish hard-liners who don’t care about the inconvenience they impose on the public. But the unions have always insisted their primary concern is about the safety of passengers.

And new evidence shows they’re right.

The RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board) is – at least theoretically – an independent rail safety body. However, its directors are primarily senior directors of industry companies and it has been accused – supported by leaked evidence – by the RMT of collusion with other ‘independent’ bodies.

In 2015, the RSSB prepared a report titled “Evaluating…

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Video: man destroys May speech with P45. Then talks to Johnson



Pictures are starting to be circulated of a ‘protester’ handing Theresa May her P45 during her conference speech – destroying in an instant her nonsensical shtick about a ‘British dream’ and an equal, fair society.

What many seem not yet to have noticed is that the man turns to make a ‘thumbs up’ gesture in what appears to be the direction of Boris Johnson, before calmly going to speak to the Foreign Secretary – where he is allowed to remain for some seconds before being removed from the hall:

The man will no doubt be portrayed as a left-wing activist disrupting May’s speech. However, the P45 – obtained after the speech by ITV’s Paul Brand, may suggest other motives:

may p45 doc.pngEdit: others have started to notice the interactions with Johnson, as Getty Images’ feed shows:

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