THE BREXIT SELLOUT & OTHER LIES – what’s the Purpose of it all?

The Slog

methoughtfulWhy DO our governments seem hellbent on ignoring our concerns? Today The Slog looks at the alleged influence of Common Purpose, and asks whether there is a place in any free democracy for a secretive organisation with a doctrinaire cultural agenda.


George Osborne helped truss up and impoverish upwards of two million female State pensioners to save a piffling amount of money that he must have known was a molehill trying to smother Mount Everest. Gordon Brown sold gold at rock bottom when any sector analyst or dealer could’ve told him it was at an historic low, and likely only to rise. Nick Clegg continues to meet and conspire with old cronies in Brussels, yet he cannot possibly be unaware of the anti-democratic, fraudulent, fiscally bullying, vengeful and illegal practices the European Commission gets up to in Greece, Spain, Italy and Hungary.

In the same vein exactly, we find…

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