Grandma’s heartrending letter on daughter’s ‘DWP’ death. Can you help?

Words fail me…


Elaine Morrall.pngRuncorn woman Linda Morrall has published a letter she has sent to councillors at her local Halton Council about her daughter, Elaine.

Elaine died late last week in desperately bleak circumstances inflicted by the callous DWP’s (Dept of Work and Pensions) ‘consciously cruel’ sanctions regime. Warning, it is heart-breaking reading:

morrallWhile most of Elaine’s circumstances were directly caused by government policies, Linda’s comments about ‘uncaring housing’ taking her to court also raise questions about council and/or social housing organisations policies and practices – and the letter certainly raises the issue of whether councils could do more to protect their residents from the effects of government policies, or if not, should be doing more to highlight those effects and their own helplessness to prevent them.

Ms Morrall is now believed to be faced with the responsibility of caring for Elaine’s children in such trying circumstances. A concerned local woman has set…

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