Video: signs even their heartlands that the Tories will be sweating.. #GE17


The mainstream media are, of course, singing a predictable tune as we enter the last 24 hours of campaigning before polling stations open, with only the most grudging praise given to Jeremy Corbyn for his stellar campaign while most focus on Theresa May’s dire one, as if she’s collapsed all by herself and not because of the pressure she’s been put under by Labour’s strength, manifesto and surging polling.

Even those who acknowledge Corbyn’s and Labour’s surge are toeing the Establishment line – that it’s still only a matter of how big the Tories’ majority will be, not whether they’ll win.

But the SKWAWKBOX is hearing rumbles of a juggernaut approaching.

Readers reporting lifelong-Tory family members announcing they’re voting Labour

Reports of a Young Farmers (Farmers!!) Club in a Tory heartland debating and leaning to a Labour vote.

Reports of teachers, pensioners flocking to the Labour Party as they see…

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