#WrongAndFeeble: even May’s #DementiaTax climbdown is a #shambles #GE17


tory devil.pngNews has just broken that Theresa May has screeched into an embarrassing, hand-brake U-turn over her ‘dementia tax’ plans to penalise older people who need care by making them pay for it from their estate.

tory-u-turn.gifIt’s a humiliating climb-down for a PM and party whose reality has been ‘weak and feeble’ after various Tory spokespeople appeared on TV and radio yesterday to insist there would be no such U-turn – and it turns May’s nauseating catchphrase into a huge, sick joke:

But even May’s U-turn is shambolic.

May being May and Tories being Tories, this is all about attempted political damage-limitation and is nothing but camouflage to provide some helpful headlines and soundbites from the Establishment media.

The devil is in the detail – and nothing substantive has changed. May even screws up her U-turns.

As Sky News’ announcement of the ‘change’ revealed, older people with assets over £100,000 will stillhave to pay…

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