While May lies to BBC that Corbyn faked news – #CCHQ invents outright lie #GE17

How effing dare they!


If only this was unbelievable. But the Tories’ HQ (CCHQ) has already established a track record for lying on its social media feed and in its letters to voters.

However, you’d like to think they’d at least have the common sense – let alone a sense of decorum – not to do it while their leader is live on national TV falsely accusing the leader of the Labour party of fake news.

Theresa May, talking to Andrew Neil during an interview which is the nearest she dare get to a debate, squirmed under Neil’s probing on her ‘dementia tax’ plans – and supposed U-turn, especially when Neil pointed out to her that

This must be the first time in history that a party broke a manifesto promise before the election!

Her attempt to deflect attention away from her incompetence and dishonesty was to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of making fake claims…

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