Tory media just won #GE17 – for Labour – with leaked #LabourManifesto


So, just as Corbyn’s team were playing an extremely clever game by making the media wait for an official announcement on tuition fees and letting speculation build anticipation, someone at Labour HQ decided to leak Labour’s entire manifesto.

Well, not quite. What they released is an early draft, but one which contains the bones of Labour’s vision under Corbyn.

And the right-wing media have just committed a colossal mistake – shot themselves in the foot, in fact – by going huge on it.

Because it’s fantastic.

shot in footIt captures the scale and boldness of vision that has crowds like this turning out even in Tory cities:

york crowd.pngOf course the Torygraph (T) and the right-wing ticks still embedded in Labour are sneering at the document and assuming it will be damaging – bears s**t in the woods, it’s what they do.

But all they’re achieving is showing how incredibly out of…

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