EXCLUSIVE: How the suspension of PMQs came just in time to stop Yvette Cooper shooting Jeremy Corbyn.


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mesmileOne of the major advantages most of you have over me is that I studied UK constitutional politics at Uni, and you didn’t. It therefore follows (I would submit) that you don’t share quite the same level of incandescent rage as me when it comes to dimwitted  Oxbridge Tory vandals trampling all over such Constitutional bits as we still have.

The degree of sweeping stupidity taking place when Blair was in power – and being advised by, among others, the idiot Lord Birt – was if anything even worse: but as Blair is now electoral anti-matter, he is of no concern. His damage is done: The Arse May is still at it.

The only good thing about this pointless UK general election is that there will be no PMQs until mid June. There’s something about saying ‘June’ in April that makes it sound a long way away – like ‘September’…

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