WASPIS TAKE NOTE: May will borrow money to help property developers, but not you

Govt so profligate when it’s for the benefit of capitalist venturists aren’t they?…

The Slog.


meskypesnipEvery now and then, a government – especially this British Government – does something so politically motivated, so brazen, so crass and so bad for the country’s long-term self-sufficiency, it feels as if satire cannot survive much longer with reality like this.

The magazine Property Week today runs this headline:


Now the crew of the Mayflower will of course spin this as help for those who can’t find homes – “a government for all the People of Britain” – but in the rotten world that is ‘representative’ politics these days, it is simply more repayment by the Conservative Party of those property and construction companies who donated such mountains of cash to get Camerlot elected in 2010 and 2015.

It is designed:

  1. to bail out the Tories’ mates during economic uncertainty and already stretched debt
  2. to prop up average house values and keep the Smuggies feeling rich, ready for the…

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