LABOUR LEADERSHIP: Blair & Campbell are behind Smith. But who’s inside Smith?

The Slog.

Don’t expect any help from this man if you are a Waspi, anti EU Federalism, opposed to HS2, think corporations should pay more tax, believe Civil Service feather-bedding should be stopped, want more control over lobbyists, or think good manners are important


Owen who?

mesnip18716 Last night, Owen Smith called Jeremy Corbyn “a lunatic”, having once accepted a Shadow Cabinet role from the bloke. This morning he apologised. It’s a bit late for that, Owen – I think we’ve got you sized up already, chum. The Slog takes a look at the men behind Smith – and the track-record guide to who is really vying to  overthrow Corbyn and win the Labour leadership.

Tony Blair thinks the only reason Britain voted for Brexit was because there are too many ‘uneducated’ Britons. When Blair was trying to get into power during the late 1990s, he said he would put “education, education and…

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