WASPI: Deconstructing the odd worlds of Frances Coppola and Anne Keen

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mesnipLast Sunday, Frances Coppola wrote a strongly anti-Waspi blogpost in which she coined the word ‘Graspi’ to describe those women cheated out of a promise made over 60 years ago, and then broken by the 1995 Pensions Act 43 years into the term. Even in our cruel contemporary culture, it is rare for wit to be used in such a heartless manner. This post represents a detailed demolition of her case. It is written on behalf of some 3.2 million affected women who have thus far managed to grasp not a single penny from evasive, arrogant and unaccountable politicians.

Ms Coppola (with whom I crossed swords earlier in the year) seems good on dates, history and a line supporting Sovereign incompetence, but weak on human realities and busy women going about their normal lives secure in the certainty that the State would keep its word.


Coppola’s description is correct in…

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